Shipmates 1966-1967


I was a Photographer's Mate 2nd class working in the RS Division Photo Lab. Being Polaris, we had unlimited photographic supplies.  And as a ship's photographer, I had the run of the ship.   Richard Retin PH2 1965-1968




Jim 'Mac' McKee at Photo Lab's desk

Mac and Don Appleby

me and Vinny Cucuzza preparing for the RS Division's

1967 Xmas Shipweck party


O2N2 Plant, one deck down from the Photo Lab

Ed Hornkohl, Peter Hill and Mike Gordon

me, Mike Gordon and Bob Barker


DC Locker

Every night a movie was shown on the Mess Decks.

A sheet was hung in the middle and we sat on both sides.

Ship's Library


Enlisted Rec Room

'The Greek'

Radiological Control


Photo Lab Dec. 1967: Ray Daigle, Morris Uhles,

me, Ted Sharpe

Herb Gaudreau, Morris Uhles, Mike Gordon, Don Appleby

me and Manual Rico


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